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Welcome to my Blah!

Im having a hard time…really a lot of hard time starting this bloggery. Im rolling my eyes now just writing about this. It is 4 am. My brain cells are not working like it used to be. Five minutes had passed and I’m just typing …crap? This is suppose to be a craft not crap but it is slowly…slowly becoming the latter. Sigh!

Here is me:

Blast from the past…Belated Happy Back to The Future Day! A selfie taken four years ago. Yes, I got no decent-recent photo as ot the moment. I got no intentions of taking one now.

Who am I…just check out my profile will you? I kind of hate telling someone of what or who am I. I spent an hour typing that one and I don’t plan writing one again here. You want to know me. Talk to me.

Am I rude? No. I’m just too lazy at the moment I just wanna post blah on my first post. I I’ve been keeping this blog for 2 years and this is the very first post. Yes, I hear your thoughts two years and I dont make sense.

Whew and phew! Wish me good vibrations will you?